Increase the efficiency and flexibility of any operating room, intermediate or intensive care unit with a modular ceiling supply unit. 

Space-saving and versatile

The Agila® range of ceiling supply units can enhance efficiency in the area of care in a number of ways. Agila integrates the media supplies and enables off-the-floor positioning of medical devices exactly where they are needed. This gives you easy access to the patient, provides you with an ergonomic and safe workplace and improves overall hygiene, as well as reduced cleaning and turnaround times. The Agila is compatible with a variety of workstation components.

Agila Media Head

The Agila media head is a compact solution for operating rooms and intensive care units, offering up to 120 kg load capacity. The head features front, rear and bottom panels for media installation.

Stainless steel tubes can be attached directly to the media head to accommodate a variety of accessories and components. Two options are available: a single tube (pole) or two parallel tubes (rack). The equipment carrier is accessible from all sides, making it easy to add further workstation components.

Tailormade flexibility

A host of possible configurations makes the Agila perfectly adapted to your individual needs. The Agila arm profiles are available in 500, 750, 1,000 and 1,250 mm lengths. These can be combined to give a span of up to six metres for the complete double-arm system. Arms and columns feature 330° rotation. Conveniently positioned controls and ergonomically contoured handles enable a single operator to quickly and precisely adjust the Agila in any direction. The colour-coded rotational joints can be equipped with either an electro-pneumatic (Dual Brake P) or an electro-magnetic (DualBrake E) brake. Both are easy and safe to use.

Agila EasyLift

The Agila EasyLift is a compact ceiling supply system that can help you to improve workflow, and effectively manage space, for both ICU and OR applications. Its design ensures quick and easy positioning in three dimensions, and provides a clear benefit in critical situations. Optional cable boxes offer plenty of overhead storage for cables and tubes, thus improving workplace hygiene.

Agila Column

The Agila supply column is available in the lengths 400, 500, 1,000, 1,250, and 1,500 mm. Media panels are fitted on both sides and at the front and rear to accommodate gas terminal units, electrical sockets and data terminals. The vertical rails on the front can hold up to 120 kg, making it quick and easy to fit shelves, drawers and other workstation components.

Positioning in 3D

The Agila combines particularly easy positioning with ergonomic height adjustment. You can thus adjust it perfectly to constantly changing working conditions and clinical requirements. The Agila helps you make optimal use of the space available.

Agila Column Tube

The Agila Column Tube has all the advantages of the Agila, but uses three full-length stainless steel tubes, as well as horizontal standard rails on the top and bottom, so that devices and accessories can be positioned in various different ways. The Agila Column Tube is thus particularly well-suited to supplying two workstations with only one rack. The Agila Column Tube is available in the lengths 1,250 mm and 1,500 mm.

Dräger Mova® Cart 2.0

With Mova Cart, you are choosing a mobile, flexible and safe
workplace concept. Streamline your workflow and reduce the
workload on your operating room and intensive care staff with an
efficient and highly mobile device transport and docking system.


Rails & Holders

Optional rails can be used in combination with a wide range of Dräger
accessories, as well as conformity-assessed third-party equipment.


Shelves & Drawers

Drawers and document compartments can optionally be added below
the shelves. The automatic closing function ensures that drawers and
documentation modules close silently.


Infusion Management

Adaptation for infusion pumps and other equipment that can be
attached to the Aglia column.

No downlodable provided.