The Fabius plus XL combines proven German engineering you can count on with high performance ventilation therapy. Thanks to its scalable design concept, it allows you to choose the quality workstation you want now without losing sight of your future goals and needs. 

The Fabius plus XL

Designed to provide quality therapy and sophisticated monitoring capabilities in a compact yet versatile package, the Fabius plus XL incorporates proven German engineering. With a range of expansion options to choose from, it lets you enjoy the advantages of Dräger quality today while maintaining flexibility for the future.

Flexible scalability

The Dräger Fabius plus XL lets you flexibly expand its capabilities by adding additional monitors, gas cylinders and other accessories such as infusion pumps.

Powerful yet affordable

In addition to the high-quality ventilation capabilities made possible by its highly accurate, electronically driven piston ventilator, the Fabius plus XL now includes a number of features which help you maximize your therapeutic potential and improve patient safety.

Improved ergonomics

Carefully positioned mounting rails let you mount additional equipment within easy reach. The optional higher trolley lets you work comfortably in a standing position. An enhanced cable management concept combined with an integrated power outlet mean less cable clutter.

A clear view

The Fabius plus XL organizes and displays information clearly and logically on a 10.5 inch color display, providing an excellent overview from a wide range of viewing angles.

The space you need

Three large drawers let you store consumables where they are needed – close by. The top storage drawer can be converted to install your choice of Scio gas measurement module.

Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor®

Dräger vaporisers have been the benchmark for quality for over 50
years. Quality trusted by doctors and nurses around the world: to
date, over 400,000 Vapor units have been sold to hospitals around
the world.


Vamos Family

The expandable Vamos Family lets you choose your gas monitoring
solution today while keeping your options open for the future. In
addition to CO2 and SpO2 your monitoring capabilities can be
expanded to include all five common anaesthetic agents and N2O.


Scio Four Family

O2, CO2, N2O, and volatile anaesthetic agents at a glance:
Scio Four Family can be used with an Infinity monitor anywhere you
need it.


Infinity® Delta

With the Delta multiparameter monitor, you can continuously monitor
adult, pediatric and neonatal patients both at the bedside and on
transport -- eliminating the need for separate transport monitors.
Supports all patient acuity levels hospital-wide.


Drägersorb® Soda Lime

High safety 1, 2 and CO2 absorption capacity. Soda lime is essential for
CO2 absorption in inhalation anaesthesia machines with rebreathing
systems. Yet conventional soda lime can produce Compound A and
carbon monoxide.


WaterLock® 2

Perfect protection for precise gas measurement. Dräger WaterLock®
2 safely stops water from getting into the Multi-Gas Sensor. The
membrane technology developed by Dräger for the WaterLock® 2
stops any bacteria or germs from getting into the gas measurement
system. The WaterLock® 2 is also safe and simple to empty – with a
further advantage in handling and hygiene.


Breathing Systems and Accessories

Bringing indispensable experience to disposable convenience.

No downlodable provided.