4K 3 Chip UHD Camera K4000

For the first time surgeons can trust an accurate laparoscopic 2D picture during the surgery. Especially during Laparoscopic procedures where large cavities need to be shown correctly, our new K4000 camera gives precise details.

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3 Chip HD-Camera F4

We are proud to introduce our new milestone. The F4 brand new camera system combines our F3 system with a Full HD recording function. Pictures and movies can be stored easily on a USB pen drive. Recorded information can be used for an extensive documentation of the procedures.

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HD-Camera F3 - High End

F3 - The pride of the RZ Equipment range and flagship in medical camera systems. A Full HD camera system generates cristal clear images of highest resolution with 1920 x 1080p. The latest MOS technology produces pure natural colors for safe and unequivocal diagnoses.

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HD-Camera F 2 Pro

The new F 2 HD-Camera System fullfills the need of high resolution in Video Endoscopic Surgery.

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HD-Camera F1

The new F1 Camera system fullfills the need of high resolution in Video Endoscopic Surgery.

Thanks to Full HD resolution combined with newest technology this camera generates cristal-clear images with highest attention to detail that allows better diagnostics and efficient surgery.

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Camera Z2

The new Z2 Endoscopic Camera is a universal system suitable for both diagnostics and surgery. The 1CCD technology generates clear pictures with a high resolution and natural colors.

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