For the first time surgeons can trust an accurate laparoscopic 2D picture during the surgery. Especially during Laparoscopic procedures where large cavities need to be shown correctly, our new K4000 camera gives precise details.

Our Ultra-High-Definition 4K complements and supports the human eye (retina) by currently best imaging technique.

The new k4000 camera shows in particular deep located operating areas, tissue deformations by giving a correct perspective. This system improves the learning curves of surgeons and reduces the OR-time tremendously.

  • K4000 offers excellent details

  • natural color-correct images with greater depth perception so the OR team can see more details during procedures  and use for the first time a digital zoom in practice

  • simple application of the UHD K4000 4K camera and less complicated as 3D technology

  • faster operating time

  • less expensive as a complete 3D system as some standard products i.e telescopes, can be used.

UHD Camera Head


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