Transport neonates safely, comfortably and with a minimum of stress with a fully-featured, high-performance transport incubator.

Rugged design for maximum performance

​The durable design of the Isolette® TI500 means it can be taken nearly anywhere and still provide the warm, safe environment and quick access necessary for optimal neonate care. Built in accordance with stringent IEC and CE standards, the TI500 is low maintenance and features both easy cleaning and servicing.

NICU-level care - anywhere

​Used in thousands of hospitals around the globe, the Isolette® is an integrated, full-feature incubator solution. Caregivers can select temperature, humidity and oxygen concentration of the incubator microenvironment while the Isolette® provides continuous data on the temperature of the newborn.

Flexible power options

​The Dräger Isolette® can run on 120or 240 VAC line voltage (50/60/400 Hz), 12 or 28 V DC, or internal battery power, giving users optimal flexibility during transport.

Designed for safety

​All controls and monitors are situated in the front of the device for easy viewing and quick access.

Quick access to the infant

​The head access / slide out mattress feature allow quick and easy access to baby for intubation or CPR.

Clear view of the infant

​The hand-made acrylic hood is scratch resistant to maintain transparency over time, and an integrated examination light gives you high quality illumination for visual evaluation.

Many options and accessories to choose from

The high hood option further facilitates access to baby and provides more room for larger babies, clinical disposables (diapers, blankets, etc.) and even more uniform air flow and temperature distribution. Add an i.v. pole, a second monitor shelf or increase the offline range with an additional external battery. ​

Neonatal Care Accessories

Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation and thermotherapy
ventilate gently and effectively, reduce stress and help promote
the development of the newborn with a wide range of accessories
designed specifically for use with the smallest of patients.

No downlodable provided.