Made in Germany – with more than 15 years of design and production experience in arthroscopic hand held instruments RZ guarantees unsurpassed strength and sharpness retention.

ACL/PCL Set 225-000-000

  • The new RZ ACL/PCL Instrumentation set consists a complete assortment of instruments for arthroscopic ACL and PCL reconstruction procedure.
    A highly precise and ergonomic drill guide system allows flexibility and control. It's multi-layered and predestined instrument pile allows the surgery staff easy identifying, preparing and safe storaging.


  • Drill Guide System
  • Tunnel Dilators
  • Cannulated Tibial Reamers
  • Cannulated Femoral Reamers
  • Endoscopic Reamers
  • Guide Wire Screws


  • Microfracture Chrondro Picks
  • Impactor
  • Transtibial Femoral Aimer
  • PCL Rasp and Elevators
  • Tendon Strippers
  • Arthroscopic Probes


  • Graft Preparation Station
  • Graft Sizing Block
  • Tunnel Plugs
  • Tendon Strippers
  • Cannulated Screwdriver
  • Depth Gauges
No downlodable provided.