The ear, nose and throat sector - ENT in English, ORL internationally - deals with diseases, injuries, the consequences of injuries, malformations and functional impairments of the ears, the upper respiratory tract, the mouth cavity, the throat, the larynx, the lower airways and the esophagus.

Surgery in the field of ENT is filigree, complex and extremely precise. Here at RZ Medizintechnik, we offer a very comprehensive range of products for diagnostic and operative treatments in the ear, nose and throat sector.

Delicate working ends

  • Are available in various types for different surgical approaches
  • Allow precise working on small operation areas

Memory nitinol shaft

  • Freely malleable to meet anatomical demands
  • Automatically reverts to original shape after sterilization

Irrigation connection

  • Enables easy and efficient cleaning of internal components

360 Degrees rotatable working ends

  • Ensure exact positioning by hand controlled rotary knob
  • Allow unparalleled instrument positioning  (In combination with malleable shaft)

Color coated rotary knobs

  • Ease identification of the instruments (working ends)

Lightweight ergonomic ring handle

  • Reduce signs of fatigue and ensures comfortable working
No accessories provided.
No downlodable provided.