Laparoscopy is the most commonly performed endoscopic treatment today. RZ offers a complete range of instruments for standard procedures as well as for advanced surgical techniques.

Our modern and modular PEEK silicone valve trocar system provides optimal access for all laparoscopic procedures.

The ergonomically engineered and three-piece detachable ring handle system features a large variety of robust 5mm and 10mm inserts. Thus the perfect instrument is available for each operation.

Liver Retractor Set

  • Laparoscopic liver holding system
  • Quick lock
  • Expandable
  • Very adjustable
  • Baratric patients hook


  • With the new detachable bipolar forceps we combine all benefits of the first version but add the advantage of the shaft diameter of only 3.0mm
    We achieve a better control with only one finger over the rotation wheel through using extended grooves on the shaft. The surgeon benefits from higher control of the instrument and his 360 degrees rotatability as well as from more precise control of the electrode itself. While operating with the instrument, a new added stop knobs protects the electrode from overload and ensures the power transmission to the tip in an optimal way.
    Provide with the standard flat plug, the Detachable Bipolar forceps can be used with common bipolar cables. The 3mm diameter instruments are especially recommended to be used in pediatric surgery.
  • Beside the optimal use in pediatric surger, the surgeon also fulfills the desires of the patient to minimize the skin incision with respect to a faster wound healing as well as to the cosmetic aspect due to the use of smaller diameter.
    In spite of the minimal diameter of the double-action jaws the precise tissue grasping for the surgeon is provided without the release of the usual tissue preparation.
No downlodable provided.