Neurosurgery deals with the detection and operative treatment of diseases, malformations and injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system and has changed greatly over the last decade. Since 1995, RZ Medizintechnik has been developing a modern and user-friendly set of instruments for neuro-surgical interventions on brain, spine, spinal marrow and the peripheral nerves.

Our modular and highly versatile Yasaril Retractor System provides the perfect platform for many neurological operations. Instruments are available in stainless steel as well as titanium. A large number of Phynox and titanium Yasargil Aneurysm Clips with corresponding attachments round off our product range.

Extra Fine Tips

  • Allow very precise operations

Angled Bayonet Shape

  • provides a better view to the operating field

Slip-Proof Peek-Handle

  • Provides a secure grip
  • Allows a better rotation in the hand
  • ensures a good balance of the instrument
  • provide an increased in sensitivity
No accessories provided.
No downlodable provided.