The eye is required to perform at the highest level all of the time. Almost no other sensory organ communicates the same volume of information to us. More than 40 percent of all pathways in the central nervous system work for the eye.

The treatment range in eye therapy ranges from diseases of the cornea and the conjunctiva to treatment of strabismus (squinting) and child opthamology to diseases of the retina and the optic nerve.

Here at RZ Medizintechnik, when manufacturing products and instruments for eye therapy, we focus on quality and precision.

• Cataract surgery

• Phacoemulsification Surgery

• Glaucoma Surgery

• Corneal Surgery

• LASIK Surgery

• Lid Surgery

• Chalazion Surgery

• Strabismus Surgery

• Lacrimal Surgery

• Vitreoretinal Surgery

• Enucleation Surgery

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