Thoracic surgery treats diseases of the lung and the chest cavity. Vascular surgery treats the entire range of medical conditions affecting arteries and veins. The treatment of vascular conditions calls for the specialist expertise of various medical disciplines.

Accordingly, a high level of experience combined with suitably qualified personnel and the very latest by way of technical instruments is essential if treatment is to be successful.

Here at RZ Medizintechnik, we always have the entire range of instruments for operative and diagnostic thoracic and vascular surgery available for you at short notice. A selection of specialist endoscopic MICS and VATS instruments is also available and, for RZ, this represents the entry-level for endoscopic thoracic and vascular surgery.


  • Delicate fine long blades 14mm blade lenght

Diethrich Hegemann

  • Standard blades 13mm blade length

Diethrich Peripheral

  • standard blades 13mm blade length

Diethrich Favaloro

  • standard blade 13mm blade length
No accessories provided.
No downlodable provided.