RZ offers a complete instrumentation for Monopolar, Bipolar as well as Laser surgery.

Endoscopic Bulldog Clamps for Robot-assisted surgical procedures are specialities in the portfolio of RZ Medizintechnik.

Another highlight are our FullHD endoscopes based on rod lenses and fiber technology. In combination with our high quality imaging systems pictures of the highest quality can be achieved. Fully automatic pump systems as well as cutting-edge high-frequency generators completed the product range.

Compact Nephroscope

  • With the new Compact Nephroscope, we meed your demand and your requirement by offering you the following:
    • a delicate sheath but with the advantage of a robust design.
    • an oval outer tube but with a round working channel.
    • a new 1.8mm (5.4 Charr.) rod lens system to achieve finest image quality
    • By using our
      • continues-flow-system
      • swivel irrigation ring on the sheath and
      • the automatic valve,
    • Extended working length (220mm) to be used in bariatric surgery.
    • The direction of view of 15 degrees or 30 degrees allows you a field of view of 80 degrees
    • We ensure the use of our common standard instruments in connection with our
      Compact Nephroscope up to 12 Charr. / 4.0mm. For example, you can use:
      Ultrasound probes, lithoclast, electrohydraulic litho-tripsy and mechanical instruments.

Advanced Uretero-Renoscope

  • Full HD 50,000 Pixel Fiber System for brilliant picture quality.
  • Semi-flexible shaft for operations in anatomical difficult areas.
  • Atraumatic tip design for easy introduction into the ureteral orifice.
  • Soft-step tapered shaft for atraumatic dilation of the ureter.
  • Silicone valve system with 2 parallel sealings for leaking-free working channels.
  • Large working channels for use with all necessary accessories and instruments.
  • Oblique irrigation/suction channels for better dilation and continues suction, increase vision during bleedings.
No downlodable provided.