RENO-D50 Plasma Sterilizer is to sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instrument.

Committed to combining the most effective plasma technologies, innovative designs, and rapid sterilizing time to create user friendly and cost effective solutions that enhance productivity, competitiveness and fulfill client’s optimum safety and economical satisfaction.

  • Eco Cycle Time (About 27 min.)
  • Advanced Cycle Time (About 45 min.)
  • Two Door
  • 4ml easy-to-use Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization Agent 
  • User friendly interface
  • Spacious chamber design (double chamber)
  • Built-in Thermal printer
  • Universal data acquisition system
  • Easy-to-use Sterilization Agent
  • Built-in 4 locking wheels

Sterilization agent


Chemical indicator tape


Biological indicator


Wrapping pouch


Wrapping non-woven sheet


Chemical indicator


Wrapping tyvekTM pouch


BI Incubator


Instrument tray

No downlodable provided.