Efficient & Economic
• Incredible long service time up to 60,000 hours
• Central Illumination: 160,000 lux/130,000 lux
• Adjustable light field diameter
• Max. depth of Illumination : 1,200 mm
• Low power consumption

Original & Unique
• Perfectly integrated into laminar flow (Certified per DIN-1946 Part 4)
• Touch screen panel for easier control
• 330° rotatable integrated HD/FHD camera
• Ultra-thin design & excellent maneuverability
• Ergonomic and compact design less than 12kg

Ergonomic and Compact Design
• The ultra-thin concentrically circular design for better hygiene
• DIN-1946 Part 4 certificated. (12-2008)

Flexible Design
• Combined with an Ondal spring arm maximizes mobility and ensures stability
• Ultra-thin light head with only less than 12 Kg.
• Smooth, metal back cover of the light head

High Performance
• With a minimum lifetime of 60,000 hours, each latest generation LED illuminates far longer than traditional light sources
• Easier and less costly maintenance: each LED bulb with individual circuit can be replaced respectively, which will minimize the maintenance cost