The Savina 300 is designed to meet the ventilation needs of even the most critically-ill patients, yet it is very simple to operate and maintain as well as flexible enough to be used nearly anywhere in your hospital.

Quality care wherever you are

  • Infrastructure and logistical challenges shouldn’t interfere with quality care. The Savina 300 provides high performance ventilation therapy for adult and pediatric patients of all acuity levels, regardless of the care setting.
  • Around the globe, Savina ventilators have logged more than 400 million hours of therapy time, setting standards for quality and reliability. The new Savina 300 is no exception – its integrated safety concept was designed to protect your patients even under the most demanding conditions.

Protective ventilation at your fingertips

  • The Savina 300 features an open breathing concept that lets your patients breathe freely at any time during the cycle and at any pressure level1. This encourages spontaneous breathing, increases overall patient comfort levels, and helps reduce weaning times.
  • Full non-invasive ventilation (NIV®) capability, which helps to reduce intubation and infection rates2, is also an integral part of the Savina 300 design concept.
  • The rapid response time and high flow delivery of Savina 300’s turbine-driven ventilation system greatly facilitate pressure controlled ventilation.

Simple operation

  • Although it’s capable of providing advanced therapy, the Savina 300 was designed with simplicity in mind. A large, color touch screen gives you clear and easy access to settings, parameters and controls. Of course, the Savina 300 comes with the Dräger standard user interface featuring our ”touch-turn-confirm”-operating concept.
  • Menus focus on the essential elements of operation – the ones you need every day. Your team will be using the Savina 300 with confidence in just a short time.

Designed with safety in mind

  • The combination of both internal and external power supplies means that the Savina 300 can take power interruptions of up to 5 hours in stride – making it perfect for patient transport as well.
  • The Savina 300 features a completely disposable patient system that helps reduce the risk of nosocomial infections associated with mechanical ventilation3.
  • Long service intervals and access to expert assistance via the Remote Service Link help you control costs and keep your Savina 300 up and running.

Infrastructure independence

The integrated turbine ensures true independence from central drive gas supplies or external compressors. This makes the Savina 300 a logical choice for locations where hospital infrastructure may be incomplete. It can easily adapt to your changing needs, providing ventilation therapy on an ICU ward one day, and NIV on a regular ward the next.

BlueSet heated (N), reusable
Inspiratory heated, water trap expiratory


BlueSet Ventilation (N), reusable
consists of breathing circuits, 2 water traps,
Y-piece and catheter mounts

BlueSet heated (A/P)

BlueSet Ventilation HME (A/P)

Blue Set Ventilation (A/P)


Breathing circuit VentStar®, latex-free,
disposable, P, water trap, 1.8 m (5.9 ft), 25 pcs.


Breathing circuit VentStar®, latex-free,
disposable, P, coaxial, 1.5 m (4.9 in), 20 pcs. Expiratory valve for Savina® 300, reusable


Pack2Go® Savina invasive vventilation pack
with breathing circuit VentStar®, coaxial, 1.8 m (5.9 ft)


Pack2Go® Savina invasive ventilation pack
with breathing circuit VentStar®, basic, 1.8 m (5.9 ft)


Medication nebulizer Aeroneb Pro
(please consider country-specific specification)


Water bag holder 900 MR 290

No downlodable provided.