The latest generation of Babytherm infant warming systems from Dräger sets new standards in open care, not only in providing babies with a unique thermal environment, but also in ensuring you enjoy outstanding ease of access so you can give them the best possible care. Babytherm is an intensive care Infant Warming System intended as a therapeutic device providing warmth for premature and full term neonates.


Optimal Thermoregulation

Babytherm works to deliver an optimal thermo-neutral environment for the neonate safe from cold or heat stress. The Babytherm’s ceramic heater elements and golden reflectors provide even heat distribution over the entire bed area. So wherever you place the baby on the bed, your little patient will always feel comfortably warm. The Babytherm also provides a fully integrated heated conductive gel mattress to keep the baby warm at all times. Measuring a baby’s central and peripheral (toe) temperature gives you an early warning of thermal instability or possible cold stress by observing the measured values on the integrated digital display.

Intelligent Accessibilty

The smartSWIVEL mechanism automatically focuses radiant warmth on the baby, even if the radiant heater is moved to one side to allow free working space for the caregiver. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the baby cooling down or suffering cold stress during X-rays or other procedures because you can be sure of even radiant heat distribution at all times.

Developmental Care

Babytherm's developmental care concept comes in the smartSWIVEL which allows closeness for the family without compromising warming of the infant. Long dual temperature sensor cables facilitate the practice of Kangaroo Care. The examination lamp features settings for day and night. Two brightness levels provide just the right lighting anytime. A central alarm light could be set up or a ramping alarm sound that is a low pitch melody set up away from the bed.

Ease of Use

Our efforts to ensure you enjoy the best possible working conditions are reflected in a number of practical features. The control panel positioned directly beneath the radiant warmer is easy to reach so you can adjust the settings with no trouble at all. Another advantage is that you will easily be able to read all the essential information on the large, bright digital display from any position around the bed. The bright red central warning light at the end of the radiant warmer will alert you to an alarm condition even if you are working with another baby or in a different part of the room. A clear text message then provides you with all the details you require. The height of a Babytherm can be adjusted to suit your height, swivel cupboards are available to give you extra storage space for accessories and all the moving parts or control functions are easy to handle.

System Synergy

Together with the intelligent design of architectural systems, bed side monitoring, and gentle neonatal ventilation, you enjoy an integrated work environment that is ergonomically smart, intuitively simple, and perfectly accessible for improved communication, time savings, and decreased risk of errors accross the NICU and beyond.

Dräger VarioLux®

Specifically designed for use in neonatal care settings, the Dräger VarioLux® offers a cool, highly efficient, and variable intensity examination light. Made for single-handed operation, it features adjustable color settings as well as a dimmer function.


Positioning Aid Set

Part No: MP01418 Units per pack: 1


Gel mattress For BabyTherm 8000 WB/8010

Part No: 2M20827 Units per pack: 1


SoftBed Dräger BabyTherm 8004

Part No: 2M21012 Units per pack: 1


Incandescent lamp

Part No: 2M30078 (7W, 230V) Part No: 2M30079 (20W, 230V) Units per pack: 1


Temp Probe Covers (Gel Style Care for Me) Single Use

Part No: MU06947 (Large) Units per pack: 25 Part No: MU06946 / MU06944 / MU06948 (Small) Units per pack: 500 / 100 / 25


Positioning Aid Hug it

Part No: MP01415 (Small) Part No: MP01416 (Medium) Units per pack: 1


Temperature Probes

Part No: MX11000= ThermoTrace Core Temperature Probes 'Yellow' Part No: MX11001= ThermoTrace Peripheral Temperature Probes 'White' Units per pack: 5


Positioning Aid Nesting

Part No: MP01417 Units per pack: 1



Part No: MX11002 Units per pack: 50

No downlodable provided.